How to start a Blog

How to Start a Blog and be Successful in 2023

How to Start a Blog and be Successful in 2023

With the current pandemic that occurred in 2020, many people lost their lives, many people lost their jobs and livelihood. It’s time to switch a career in the digital platform, with offices been shut and the work from home trend continues. One of the best career options is to start a blog. There are various categories of bloggers such as:

  1. Food Blogger
  2. Lifestyle Blogger
  3. Beauty Blogger
  4. Fashion Blogger, etc.

You don’t need to particularly opt among these categories. Let’s say you have expertise in home decor, so start a blog in this niche. Or you have  expertise in maintaining a pet, so start a blog in this niche. Niche and expertise in the niche are important. But many people have no clue how to start a blog. In this article, I would tell you the step-by-step procedure, how to start and monetize a blog in 2021.

How to Start a Blog and be Successful in 2023 | Requirements

How to start a Blog


A Domain is the address of the website. For Example, the address of my website is www.perfectquotesforu.com  which is related to motivation. These are quite inexpensive and you could get them as low as $10. Choose a website that is related to your niche so that it’s easy for users to find your blog and search for information related to your niche. Various generic level domain extension are:

  • Commercial(.com): .com is the most famous extension that’s meant for general purposes and those who are starting their business or website. Most bloggers should opt for a .com extension.
  • Government(.gov): .gov is a strict level domain meant for government bodies. Only government organizations can opt for it.
  • Organization(.org): .org is a domain extension meant for a public and private organization that works for non-commercial purposes. Bloggers can’t use this extension.
  • Education(.edu): .edu is a strict level domain meant for an educational institution like schools, colleges, universities, etc.
  • Country-Specific Domain: If you are planning to showcase your blog to a specific country like India, select .in extension or Australia, select .au extension. Let’s say if you are starting an e-commerce business and want to target  the audience of a specific country or location, then select that country-specific domain.
Points to remember

Three key points while selecting a domain name are:

  • The domain name should be short and simple, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce.
  • Moreover, The domain name should have the niche name you are going to showcase your audience, else select a domain name with your name in it, many bloggers use it and are quite successful.
  • Select domain extension according to your prospects. Are you starting e-commerce or becoming a full-time blogger?

Top 5 Domain Registrar are:

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Hostinger
  3. Google Domain
  4. Bluehost
  5. SiteGround


Hosting is the area of the website where you store data which includes images and posts. You could get them as low as $20 per year. Choosing reliable hosting is very important. The key points while selecting a hosting are:

  • Choose a hosting that moreover guarantees it won’t get crashed or other system failures.
  • It, however, provides full-time call center support to rectify any issues.
  • Provides sufficient storage to run websites with ease.
  • Also, a trustworthy hosting company.

Some of the best hosting service providers are:

  1. Bluehost
  2. GoDaddy
  3. A2 Hosting
  4. Hostinger
  5. HostGator


Bluehost has been one of  my preferred domain registrar and hosting service provider. If you are interested in checking the website, here is the link description.


Content Management System

Of all the content management systems, Bloggers prefer WordPress. Although Wix provides paid premium version, and Shopify provides a platform for e-commerce, still WordPress tops the chart.


 WordPress acts as an interface between a user and the coding language. Since it’s time-consuming to learn a coding language, we often use the skip this part and use the  interface to write blogs. The coding automatically happens at the backend. WordPress installation is free for all bloggers.   


A theme is the presentation software that showcases the blogs. Just like you decorate your home with furniture and other home decors, a theme similarly decorates your blogs and websites. Some themes are free and some themes are chargeable depending on the quality of the theme. I use the Ashe theme of WP-Royal as it’s user-friendly and easy to manage theme. Also, you could use the Bard theme of WP-Royal as it’s perfect for bloggers.

Ashe Theme

Ashe Theme

Bard Theme

Bard Theme


Plugins are short functional codes that ease our tasks while writing and maintaining blogs. Let’s say we have to insert a table of description, instead to create it manually using coding language or other means, we use a plugin for the table and it’s created easily. The Top 10 Plugins that I use for my blog are:

  • Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced)
  • Akismet Anti-Spam
  • Classic Editor
  • Elementor
  • Jetpack by WordPress.com
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • Shortcodes Ultimate
  • UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore
  • Wordfence Security
  • Yoast SEO

How to Start a Blog in 2022

How to Start a Blog and be Successful in 2023 | Writing a Blog Post

  1. Niche Selection: As discussed earlier, niche selection is important. However, don’t pick a niche that everyone is selecting to write. Also, the niche should represent your dream, your passion, and your expertise. Even it’s a  simple niche like ‘keeping a pet’, pick that niche if you think you are an expert in it. Maybe the users are searching for particular information that you only know about it. How helpful would that be to others if you write an article on it!
  2. Blog Post: Now the niche has been selected, it’s time to put out the article. Moreover, make sure you are genuine, authentic, and provide value to the readers. Include headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, images, videos, etc to explain your ideas. Write a blog post at least once a week, so that more & more people get to know your blog.

How to Start a Blog in 2022

In the end, our goal is to monetize our blog. So, select a niche that could be beneficial to the  audience. For example, you may be an expert in kite flying, but a blog post about it won’t help if your goal is to monetize the blog post.

How to Start a Blog and be Successful in 2023 | Content strategy

So the niche has been decided, and blog material is ready. So you need to develop a perfect strategy from how to collect as much information about the topic to put it out in the form of a blog. Also, Given below is the table and pie chart on how to write a blog post accurately.

     Let’s say, we have to  write a fashion blog on how to style navy blue jeans, so however, we need to first research about what are the outfits and color coordination that goes well with the jeans, what’s trending in jeans styling, etc. Then we have to strategize the information one by one and convert it into an article with the help of the charts distribution mentioned above.

How to start a blog in 2022

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If you have followed the steps to start a blog and wondering how to get more visitors, check out my article on How to Get More Traffic to your Blog


Moreover, starting a Blog is like having your firm,  being the boss of  your own company. Starting a blog is a path to entrepreneurship, achieving financial freedom. So if you are wondering why should we choose to blog as a career, read my article on Why Entrepreneurship as a career in 2022.


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