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About Us | Prince Vinay

About Us

Well, that’s an interesting question! People would love to know about someone who inspires people about following their dreams and other aspects of life.Hi! My name is Vinay and I run two different blogs based on different niche. This website is all about motivation, relationship and book review.

About Us | My Journey

My journey begin in 2012 when I first started my first Facebook page Perfect Quotes which got tremendous response. But after working so many jobs my heart always wanted to inspire people with fashion styling and motivational advice. I always wanted to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone. Soon i started my second Facebook page Perfect Style.

And finally I started blogging based on different Niches. Don’t forget to check my fashion blog. Perfect Style For U

About US

This page is all about motivation and quotes that you were looking for. Be it entrepreneurship advice or other aspects of life, you would all find in this page. 


This page is all about Relationship advice. Be it finding special someone or relationship issues or any personal advice, you would all find it here.

About Us

This page is all about motivational book review that you were looking for. If you planning to read a self-help book, this page would help you.

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