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Finding your strength in difficult times – David Viscott

Finding your strength in difficult times- David Viscott

It isn’t very often that I’m that surprised by a book. However, this one got me. It was original, heartwarming, yet engaging. There’s a very famous quote by Sir Oscar Wilde

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and

over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”.

‘Finding Your Strength in Difficult times’ falls in this category and unlike other books, it needs to be read, ponder upon, meditate upon, re-read, and re-inculcated. The legacy of this book however lies in between simple yet amazing lessons. Unlike other books, if the lessons are followed sincerely, they will transform and uplift your life in ways beyond your imagination.

David Viscott


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Finding your strength in difficult times | The Beginning

Do you find something which questions your mindset and leaves you shiver? Yeah. This book, nevertheless has all those elements. You are though, clasped from the inception of the story. Then gradually the lessons take you to the fresh reality check. But believe in the approaches first given in this book before applying them. This book is one of the best books I have read so far.

This is nonetheless, an absolute treasure trove of information. Guiding how to live your life by and helps you to positively restructure your life. The book has, however some genuine lucid Insights. ‘Finding your strength in Difficult Times’ is still a must-read for those who want to eventually get out of their comfort zone.

Finding Your strength in difficult times

Finding your strength in difficult times | The Tactics

Some of the tactics from this book are :

  • You deserve the best
  • Take your time to be Beautiful
  • Pave your own way
  • When a dark memory returns
  • Make your own mistakes
  • An Open Heart is the Best Teacher
  • Don’t let the loneliness run your life.

And let the mystery rather be unfolded by reading this book. A short Lesson from this book: “The truth however is, it’s not going to take that much to make your life better. ‘Just a little effort’. You don’t need to climb Mount Everest; however, you just need to take one little step. The diet you are although struggling with will succeed if you are Just a Little Braver. The job you are working on will be under your expectations unless you find the courage to work a little harder. The task you dread, the grades you wish to accomplish, the difficult time you need to get through can all be handled if you act little braver. You just have to begin. ” Be a little Braver.” This extract just really touched my heart.


The Truth To be Told

Our age lacks the ability to stay motivated. There are so many milestones left unturned because individuals are too caught up doing the things that don’t add value. Yet they wonder why they are still in the wild chase… working resolutely but getting nowhere. They only know how their desires would be fulfilled. You may still fall under the impression that you could achieve goals whenever you feel like. But truth be told, it will be tough to face the modern day’s challenges. And before you know it, you would have already wasted your share of time. What will you do till then? Keep making plans?

Finding your strength in difficult times


The book is accurate, inclusive, stimulating, and intense in its philosophy. This is the book I chose to be my companion for 2020 and I am looking forward to using the life principles and ideas. Well, now you have seen the review of ‘Finding your strength in Difficult Times’? Go read it and let me know about the book in the comment section!

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