What is the power of Shivoham and how to realize it

What is the power of Shivoham and how to realize it

Shiva is the energy of utmost dispassion and freedom, it is transcending narcissism and that obscure side of ourselves which is trying so hard just to cope with various purposes of this world. In this Yuga (time and space) on this earth the collective field is not very strong.

What is the power of Shivoham and how to realize it | The Introduction

Though the glorious dream of oneness lies underneath the explorations of ourselves, the process of realizing self is influenced deeply by our attachments towards the fractured sense of self-identity, which continues to get us entangled with conflicting ideas. Surrounded by duality and plagued by mental conditions. The dimensions in which the mind is grounded and the insanity rests on the revision of the shiva, the essence of the destruction of whatever is not the self.
The deep divine ocean of purity, free from differences. One transcends into being ‘shiva’.

What is the power of Shivoham and how to realize it

Unconditional love is the reality check for our smaller self. It has to be tuned again and again to the higher self which is free from running against the winds of life. Confront the moment as it is, without further modifications in the ways we perceive with a lens of self-limiting proposals.

Whereas the god space is to get into the flow, it is tuning to the middle path. When you start seeing the need of our smaller self to function with humanity and its ways, yet stay intact to the open-heartedness.

Sometimes, it is also letting go of – What we think is right completely. there is no guided map to explore inner spaces, through outer experiences, one gets a chance to get familiar with the subliminal procedures of how as sentient beings we function. To get access to the god space within us, break the ego, so that we see what it is after the clouds of self-centeredness get clear by the light of ‘shiva’ within us.

What is the power of Shivoham and how to realize it | The Conclusion

The chanting of Shivoham makes you realize your true power. But certain books helps you realize this. What’s better than the four agreements to achieve the dream of your life? Check out the book by Don Miguel Ruiz: The Four Agreements.

The Four Agreements

To realize shiva, the mind has to dissolve and so do the philosophies, notions, and social conditionings. The part of us that wants to understand & analyze is the part that is restricting us from realizing supreme self-shiva. The change is the willingness to evolve by taking the opportunity to learn the lessons from our wounds, not shutting down the system of letting go, and not manipulating the present moment for temporary relief, from the lowest of lows we get a chance to look deep into the suffering of the collective on this earth.

Healing lies in facing the truth and not hiding behind ur ego selves. When ignorance dissolves, the wisdom shines forth. We see that our reality is stronger than our fundamental darkness.

What is the power of Shivoham and how to realize it

  • Enquire into yourself
  • Be brave, and realize that it is less painful to change than it is to stay the same.
  • Accept that on a karmic level, we have attracted everything that happens to us, good & bad.’
  • suffering’ is our opportunity to break away from illusions.
  • Determination & Mortification, are our greatest gifts to ‘realise the ‘self’.
  • Say YES to life.

Shivoham, Shivoham, Shivoham.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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