How to Find Alignment through Yoga and Asana in 2023

How to Find Alignment through Yoga and Asana in 2023

The human body is more complex than just bones, blood, and organs. Our bodies are a manifestation of who we are from deep within. In Ayurveda, the human body is defined as a composition of 5 elements.

  • Air
  • Space
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire

All these elements work on the subtlest sheath of human beings. Air and space as breath of life, and intellect. Earth forms the bones, muscles, and fat. Water works as a channel to transport energy throughout the body, plasma, and blood being its major carriers. And nonetheless, Fire operates the human body through the light, eyesight, and digestive fire; providing the vibrance to the body.

How to Find Alignment with Yoga and Asana

Everything that we are on the outside represents the balance or imbalance of these elements inside of us.
The energy never disappears it transforms. Energy is tangible and also intangible, from a yogic point of view everything which can be touched, moved, or felt is energy., Our bodies are a plethora of different perspectives, experiences, emotions, and feelings. The body which appears just as skin and bones is the result of our programming. Therefore, the body changes and doesn’t stay the same with the age, experiences, and conditioning of our minds.

How to find alignment through Yoga and Asana | The practices

When a thought or emotion changes or shifts from within it starts to move from the subtlest to the grossest formation of our being. Just like a seed inside the earth growing, changes itself into a sprout and then slowly into a plant. The same way energy within us transforms to sprout itself into the body. Suppose, we released an emotion, pattern, or a habit from the past after some time the outcome would be visible in the body.

It is interesting, because the energy which was just a vibration till now moving in the subtle body as a thought or an imagination, is now awaiting to be let out transforming itself in the grosser system of the body. Inflammation, constipation, unrhythmic breath, and pain in muscles are the ways the body creates pressure for the old energy to be fanned out.

How to find alignment through Yoga and Asana | The Benefits

Asana is a powerful approach for getting in touch with our own deeper selves. When we move with intention into different postures we get a closer view of our inner space. We see the hidden parts of ourselves in the light of awareness through mindful movements. Every movement with non-violence, love, and acceptance. We get a chance to release the old stagnant energy from our systems and revitalize them with the new. The lightness and vibrance of the body then support our determination and helps in manifesting our deepest desires or goals in life.

This vessel brings us closer to our true wishes. But unfortunately, as we modernized, we forgot how to use it. Lifestyle became dependent on machines, technology, and stuff whereas, the best instrument is our own body. Asana practices are techniques through which the mind vanquishes itself from unnecessary entanglements, the breath becomes clear and opens the heart center, and through it all, one achieves a clear vision of one’s natural state of being.

The asanas are not about bringing that balance in physical aspects, but it’s about mental peace and happiness too. What’s better than the four agreements to achieve the dream of your life? Check out the book by Don Miguel Ruiz: The Four Agreements.

The Four Agreements

How to find alignment through Yoga and Asana | The Conclusion

The practice is, however, like molding the clay into something purposeful. It is a very patient, intuitive, and significant inner exploration. Finding our true alignment, moreover, means being able to acknowledge the higher purpose of our existence and taking actions in sync with that higher vision. If we can achieve a healthy body, clear mind, smooth breath, and an open heart we are on the way to reaching ultimate freedom.

You can’t achieve this true alignment through Yoga practices all by yourself. You need a mentor, a guardian, a friend for life who would guide you to achieve this inner peace and alignment. We have started online classes where we teach Yoga Asana, Meditation, and a special Breathwork Workshop. Feel free to contact us or drop us a message.

How to Find Alignment with Yoga and Asana


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