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Elon Musk Tesla SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Elon Musk Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

The book on Elon Musk, a title that doesn’t need any introduction. A pioneer who has bestowed us the potential of self-belief, aspirations, and imagination. Nevertheless, he has done magnificent ventures. He has given a breakthrough to mankind.

There is so much buzz about Technology going on in timelines and feeds on our social media that almost everyone is aware of the theory, even if they are engaged in it or not.  Reading and knowing about the Musk was a boon to me. Every time, when I read a business or entrepreneur book or a blog, it is my basic expectation to learn and know something new which can surprise, shock, astonish and mind-boggle me.

The same has been the case after reading it. I have been heeding Elon Musk for a long back. He has such gentle and well-speaking oratory skills that you can hear him for hours. Also, his ideas, examples, and logic that he shares teach you something new each time.

Elon Musk Tesla SpaceX: The beginning of his journey

The journey begins from PayPal to Tesla Motors, Solar City, and, the most ambitious of all, SpaceX. How frequently you can get the opportunity. To be into the mind of the radical person and the revolutions themselves. However, it is always captivating for everyone. We all want to be with a personage who has accomplished something in their life. Moreover, it always excites us like how they think. How they execute their ideas and how they react.

The writer was pretty lucky. Finally, she got a chance to communicate at a length about this revolutionary figure Elon Musk. The book starts in a very unusual way. Elon directly asks the journalist that whether he is insane? The story then starts in a form of conversation. From Elon’s present world to his life in Africa and Canada. And, about his first startup, about his life while facing adversities and how he achieved great heights.

Likewise, what distinguishes a leader from a follower? A cheerful person from a miserable person? A hard will-person from a vulnerable one? It is the mindset and the commitment that we have to execute with ourselves.  Some characteristics encourage you to grow. It also helps you to face the challenges of life. Elon Musk has shown us the art of determination.

Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

The fashion of writing is a bit distinctive here. It makes us quite appealing. Musk’s life has been full of revolutions, achievements, and some adversities. Yet he endured it with distinguished firmness. Elon was filled with rock-solid determination. He brought many concrete innovations through his imaginations. Also, he has shown enormous courage in almost intolerable situations.

The Book is a detailed read. It’s not only about Elon Musk. However, it’s about his past, present, and future revolutions. If you wish to understand the account of any venture’s growth. The hurdles encountered by him are a must-read for you.

I am certain this book has influenced more people on how to go and fulfill the dreams. This book is a masterpiece and is a milestone in human growth. It took me approximately a month to finish the book because I was so into the book that I began implementing the teaching from the book until I start the next chapter. The case study in the book is outstanding, the flow of the book remarkable.

This is the most interesting book. Writing is amazing and can be easily understood. The writing technique  evokes emotions in you. The ideas and desires that you may not have felt before. Finally, do guys check out the book for some great entrepreneurship advice?

Elon Musk

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