How do you monetize your blog in 2022

How do you monetize your blog in 2022

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Blogging is not a hobby anymore, it has become a part and parcel of life. Blogging has created a livelihood for many people. So if you are looking for ways to monetize your blog, then this article is for you. In this article, I would guide you through all the necessary steps. First, we need to understand the different sources from where we could generate the income stream. There are numerous ways to monetize your blogs.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Ad Network
  3. Sponsored Posts
  4. Digital Products
  5. Physical Products
  6. Services or Coaching

How to start a Blog

How do you monetize your blog in 2022

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the quick ways to jumpstart your earnings. An affiliate is a recommendation of any product or service on your blog. If a user makes any purchase through those affiliate links, you get some percentage of the product price. The percentage could vary from 10 to 50 percent. Many bloggers have made this a full-time income stream. Let’s say you have a blog on grooming, so while writing a blog on grooming regimes, mention the grooming products with affiliate links to them.

The most popular affiliate network to date is Amazon affiliate. Many bloggers including me use this affiliate network. Amazon is almost present in all countries and many people shop on daily basis. The affiliate percentage is also decent enough to make a living out of it. If you want an example of how to write an Amazon affiliate article, here is the link to a book review on Elon Musk with Affiliate links.

How to monetize your blog
Amazon Affiliate Dashboard

If you are looking to promote various brands and niche, in addition, there are various affiliate network which has broader niche category. One of them which I use is the Cuelinks program.  You could promote technology niche, fashion niche, travel niche, and various other niches under one single program. If you wish you could check out this program.

How to Monetize your Blog
Cuelinks Dashboard


Ad Network

This is another popular way to jumpstart your earnings. If you sign up for an ad network, they place certain advertisements on your blog. You get either paid for impression or click depending on the ad network. Many times we choose a niche for a blog where it is difficult to find relevant affiliate products. That time it’s best to go for an ad network to make a living out of it. The most common ad network is Google Adsense, which I highly recommend for new bloggers.

How to monetize your blog
Google Adsense

Another popular Ad network is Mediavine Ad which is a very popular ad network that bloggers focus on as a long-term income source. Yes, you guys heard it right! Mediavine is a stricter ad network that has certain rules and regulations but it acts as a great income source.

Full-Service Ad Management - Mediavine
Mediavine Ad

 Focus on getting maximum traffic from USA audience to get maximum earnings from Ad network.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are especially applicable for established bloggers or those who have decent traffic on their blogs. Then brands pay you for content that you create for them. They either approach you for writing a sponsored posts via email or you would contact brands by sending them a press kit or media kit.

A Media kit is where you mention details about your blog, including traffic, visitors, and other details so that the brand could collaborate with you based on the audience reach.

Once you write a sponsored post, you could charge brands depending on the type of bloggers you are. But I advise that all the new bloggers should initially focus on the affiliate network and ad network due to less traffic on the blog.

Digital and Physical products

Digital products are another way through which you could generate passive income. In addition, It could be a planner, an e-book, a handbook, a software tool, or any digital product. Again, let’s say you have a local store where you sell e-commerce products like clothes, etc, you could sell them online in your blog. This way you could sell physical products and generate a good income stream.

Services or Coaching

This is one of the most common methods to jumpstart your earnings. Furthermore, let’s say you are an expert in Pinterest Marketing. You could provide this service to someone who resides in a different country without being physically present there. By these services or coaching, you could benefit tons of people across the globe and simultaneously making a living out of it.

How do you monetize your blog in 2022 | Conclusion

After all these monetization methods, I have created a chart for new bloggers on which platform they should  focus on for great earnings. I hope this guide would help you in making a living for yourself. if you have any questions let me know in the comment section.



A theme is nevertheless an important part of blogging. It could leave a long-lasting impression on the visitors and vice-versa. I use the Ashe theme of WP-Royal as it’s a user-friendly and easy to manage theme. Also, you could use the Bard theme of WP-Royal as it’s perfect for bloggers.

Ashe Theme

Ashe Theme

Bard Theme

Bard Theme

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