How to Get More Traffic to your Blog in 2021

How to Get More Traffic to your Blog in 2023

How to Get More Traffic to your Blog in 2023
So, now you have finally created a blog. Great Job! If  you are still stuck up and wondering how to create a blog, check out my article on How to Start a blog in 2022
So you have created a blog and wondering how to get more traffic to your blog. In this article, I would guide you through all the necessary steps. First, we need to understand the different sources from where we could get the traffic. There are two types of traffic.

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic

How to Get More Traffic to your Blog  | Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic is the people landing on your blog naturally or without any paid advertisements. It is  a result of organic search results. An Organic search result is a query that we type in google and it shows our blog due to that query. Organic traffic is also the result of people visiting your blog through social media platforms like Facebook, etc. So, below is the following steps that I follow on how to get organic traffic.

1.Google SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimizati0n) is a process of optimizing the website so that your blog is shown in the search results when a user types in a search query. SEO is a vast topic, but I would like to explain it with a short quick example. Let’s say, I am writing a fashion blog about Maroon Blazer. So, I would try to make it SEO optimized by including images, heading, sub-headings, and keywords (Maroon Blazer here) in the article. So, when a user searches in google about Maroon Blazer, Google shows my result. By this, the visitor visits my blog and so the traffic count increases. If you are interested in reading the article, here is the link about Maroon Blazer | Perfect Style For U

Pro Tip: Use long query search word as blog post title. For example, instead of the maroon blazer keyword, try “what to wear with maroon blazer” to rank faster in the search engine. This also helps in ranking for maroon blazer keyword or short keywords.

Cons: The only drawback is SEO takes time to rank the blog post, so we don’t have the assurance of when the post gets ranked. It may take several months or years.

2.Pinterest SEO

A lot of people think Pinterest is a social media platform, but it is, however, a visual search engine. People search for ideas via ideas or pins. It is estimated that the majority of people tend to search on Pinterest before making any decision or shopping. Unlike, Google SEO, where we optimize a blog post, In Pinterest SEO, we optimize our profile and pins (images or videos) on Pinterest.

Pinterest SEO is independent of Google SEO. It doesn’t matter if your blog post is SEO optimized, Pinterest SEO drives tons of traffic to your blog.

Let us take the same example of Maroon Blazer, we create a pin for that post. So we create an image or video for Maroon Blazer, add some keywords (Maroon Blazer here), and post it as a pin with a destination blog link. Here is the link to the Pinterest Pin for Maroon Blazer

Pro Tip: If you want to be successful on Pinterest, try posting at least 30 unique Pins in a day. This helps the Pinterest algorithm to work more efficiently. If  SEO is done correctly, then people would start visiting your blog in no time.

3. Social Media Sharing

Social Media sharing is one of the best traffic sources for your blog. The recent survey shows that Facebook tops the list for driving traffic to your blog before Pinterest and other social media platforms. Below is the list of tips on how to share on a social media platform.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms where you could get tons of traffic. It’s a great place to socialize and network with people. Also, you could tell them about their blog via networking. Considering the above-said example of Maroon Blazer Blog Post, you could post maroon blazer images, videos, and reels(new popular format) with a link to the  blog post. If you want to look at an example of how to post on Facebook, here is the link to the Facebook post of Maroon Blazer

Pro Tip: Create a Facebook Page similar to the name of your Blog. Increase the following of your page to get more traffic to your blog.


Instagram is one of the most popular platforms among youth today. It is a content-creating platform, that has made several people financially independent. If you are planning to promote your blog website on Instagram, IGTV (Instagram Tv) is the only way where you could place the link in the description. Check out the link for IGTV of Maroon Blazer

Pro tip: Use the right hashtag in the Instagram description to reach the right audience.


LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where socialize on a professional front and look for job opportunities. But, do you guys know it’s a great platform to promote your blog. Just like Instagram, you need to use the right hashtag to reach the right audience. Here, is the link for LinkedIn Post for Maroon Blazer


Twitter is a mini-blogging platform where people freely express their views via tweets. It is also a great platform to promote your blogs. Twitter promotes your  tweets to people who could be benefitted and with the right hashtags you could drive tons of traffic to your blog. Here is the link to the Tweet for Maroon Blazer


Snapchat is a messaging app where we could share stories or moments via snaps with friends and colleagues. It also has a feature to create a public profile where you could share moments with many people. This way you could post a link to the blog post as snap and drive tons of traffic to your blog.

Paid Traffic

Whenever a new brand or business is launched, one of  its main strategies to grow is through paid promotion. If a brand is launched in one city. how the people living in other cities would come to know about this brand? Only through Paid traffic or advertisements. This could be used in promoting your blog as well. If you used paid advertisements  wisely, you could get tons of traffic. Unlike, organic traffic where the results take time, paid traffic shows instant results in less amount time.

I advise using paid traffic only if you have the budget to spend and willing to risk the money if you incur losses. Research thoroughly about the audience target before  running paid ads.

Some  of the Paid Traffic networks are:

  1. Facebook Ads (Most inexpensive of all)
  2. Instagram Ads (Owned by Facebook)
  3. Google Ads
  4. YouTube  Ads (Owned by Google)
  5. Snapchat Ads
  6. LinkedIn Ads
  7. Twitter Ads
  8. Other Social Media Platform Ads.

My other tips to get more traffic to your blog

  1. Guest Posting: Some of the public forums or blogs allow guest posting. Guest posting is when you post an article on some other blogs or websites. This helps in networking with like-minded people. Also, if you mention your blog link at the end of the guest post, this generates tons of traffic.
  2. Email List: Whenever  a user visits your blog, ask them to sign up for the weekly newsletter. this way, whenever you publish a new blog. the subscriber gets the notification of a new blog. This way the same visitor visits your blog more often, also known as ‘Returning Visitor’.
  3. Backlinks: Backlinks are when one blog website mentions your blog links directly or indirectly. The Backlink is a detailed topic that requires a thorough discussion. But I have always had the habit of reading new people’s blogs. And I make sure to appreciate their blog by leaving a comment. So I recommend you to leave a decent and constructive comment and mention your blog link. This is also a form of Backlinks.

How to start a Blog

The Conclusion

I have mentioned above all the necessary tips and advice to get more traffic. These are the sources through which I get decent traffic to my blog. Given below is a chart distribution from where I get the traffic to my blog so that you could give priority to the above-mentioned advice accordingly.

I don’t run Paid ads frequently due to the shortage of funds.

A theme is an important part of blogging. It could leave a long-lasting impression on the visitors and vice-versa. I use the Ashe theme of WP-Royal as it’s a user-friendly and easy to manage theme. Also, you could use the Bard theme of WP-Royal as it’s perfect for bloggers.

Ashe Theme

Ashe Theme

Bard Theme

Bard Theme

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