Why there is trust issues when you meet someone new

Why there is trust issues when you meet someone new

In my previous article, I told many ways to meet that special someone. Apart from the traditional ways of meeting in school and colleges or workplaces. Okay now, the approach has been done, you have just initiated the conversation with whom you are attracted to. But people often complain the attraction just fades away after a while. The most common reason people fail to develop a good connection with each other is the lack of trust or the trust issues. Talking about a guy’s perspective, they don’t take much time to trust a stranger girl, but girls take a lot of time to trust a stranger guy. As the saying goes.’

The only way to a woman’s heart is a path of torment- Cheryl Cole

Why there is trust issues when you meet someone new

The girls are always of the opinion and they have been taught by the elders that the other person could be fake or hiding his true identity. Even though the guy must be looking decent, but still they have doubts about them. So it takes a lot of analysis from the girls’ side before trusting them.

How to win a girl’s trust

Winning a girl’s trust is a generalized topic, not just the stranger girls whom you approach but also girls you meet in a known environment too. Be it, female colleagues or female friend, the trust issue doesn’t change at all, you have to work accordingly. The reason why it is so difficult to win a girl’s trust is because they consider every aspect of a guy’s personality. Girls not only consider a guy’s physical features but also their mental and intellectual level. Like how a guy initiates a conversation, what’s the quality of the conversation, how much proximity he maintains while talking to a girl etc. But that doesn’t mean a guy should look shabby or keep an unkempt look. That’s a big no. But a guy has to work much harder to win a girl’s heart.

Why there is trust issues when you meet someone new

The Express it all rule

Although winning someone’s trust depends on them, but more important is you have to be honest with them about your intention of approach. You have to disclose everything about your personality to them, be it your hobbies or your profession. Acting coy won’t do any good, it’s better to tell them what you are as a person.  This allows the girls to be crystal clear about you.

Why there is trust issues when you meet someone new

I hope folks, I had given a little bit of insight on the trust issues. Also, that would help you in building a trusting relationship!

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